Vector Web Setup uses Web Bluetooth which requires Google Chrome. See Mozilla's compatibility table for details.

If you are using Linux, go to chrome://flags and enable "Experimental web platform tools", then relaunch Chrome.

1. Place Vector on his charger.
2. Double press his button then press "PAIR WITH VECTOR."
Vector has disconnected. If you were just downloading an OTA onto Vector, this usually means the bot has finished downloading the update. When he is done rebooting, pair the bot again by pressing "PAIR WITH VECTOR".

Enable auto-setup flow (keep this checked).
Error trying to connect Vector to wifi.

Don't see your network? Click to join custom.

The firmware version does not match v1.8.1.6051, which is what this site is designed for. Please follow the wire-pod instructions carefully.

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Choose a timezone

Choose temperature unit

Choose distance system

Enable Amazon Alexa.
Error while updating Vector.

Updating Vector...

Vector setup is complete!

Update completed. You may now close this page..

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